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<BEEP> Thank you for visiting The Barrens Chat. Ercles and Wulfy aren’t in at the moment, because we’re playing games and chewing bubblegum. Please leave a message after the beep, or alternatively check out these cool WoW Machinima movies. I mean who doesn’t like a good WoW movie? <BEEEEEEEP>

1. What Would Warchief Garrosh Do?

OK, OK, there’s a lot of Garrosh hate out there, but this movie (recommended to me by my guildmate Carai)¬† is a very funny take on the new Warchief. Plus the production quality is awesome.





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Blizzard, I want you to know, that I’m not angry, just disappointed. Apart from, y’know, the bit about being really really angry! Seriously Blizzard: What The Fuck? You were always the one company out there that I not only respected and admired, but actually liked. Your work is fantastic, your games are works of art beyond comparison, and throughout it all you’ve kept a sense of being a fun, interesting and friendly bunch of people. And then you screwed us.

I said my piece on this already, but I plan to continue  protesting against it as long as Blizzard and their evil twin Activision keep going ahead with this shamelessly money-grabbing, immoral and borderline illegal plan. For now, here are some of the arguments against RealID that have really caught my eye and I feel are well worth a read.

Like myself, Jaedia has simply lost her faith in Blizzard.

Pokute presents a keen-eyed analysis of what this is all about (money) and how simply ragequitting won’t be enough.

Mental Shaman draws attention to how RealID will silence marginalised voices.

Deuwowlity discusses how Blizzard is turning it’s players into Unpersons, as well as sharing my fears over centralised ID systems.

Valis shows how damaging RealID will be, by taking up a forumites challenge to find him based on his real name. Valis phoned him 20 minutes later.

Snowy shows us how identity is what you choose, and highlights how policy creep makes RealID truly terrifying.

and finally, possibly my favourite of all reactions to RealID so far has been this letter to Blizzard by Shade. Because after all, Warcraft is about fighting internet dragons, not money-grabbing tyrants.

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Things have been a little slow around The Barrens Chat lately, mostly because of a decline in gameage due to expansion fatigue. So in order to keep you, our beloved readers, entertained I thought I would provide some linkages to some of the other WoW blogs out there that keep me amused.

Oddcraft has a great series on the upcoming Horde leadership which has been keeping me entertained. Check out his tour of Stormwind series too!

A couple of weeks old admittedly, but Felfire‘s list of ‘5 signs your succubus might be cheating‘ made me laugh!

Similarly, Looking For More pretty much sums up the problem with stupid DPS in a very funny way.

Lazy Sniper also has a great guest post/rant about party member stupidity (strong language involved).


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