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First of all I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. I’m just not playing very much at the moment, and if I am playing it’s just another alt or standing around on some rooftop chatting to people. I could probably have written a post about the architecture of the Orgrimmar rooftops, but I don’t like the idea of posting just for the sake of posting.

Luckily, when I fail to be imaginative the blogosphere comes to the rescue. Anea at Oh look, an alt! gave this challenge to her readers.

Take a screenshot.  Caption it with song lyrics that are funny/clever/sappy/insightful/etc. and post it on your blog.  It can be an old screenshot.  It can be a new one.  It can be of your character, of a raid, of pretty scenery.

So here goes. The connection should be rather obvious.

Tool – Ticks & Leeches (Youtube link)

Suck and suuuuuuuck.
Suckin up all you can suckin up all you can suck and suck.
Workin up under my patience like a little tick.
Fat little parasite.

Suuuuuck me dry.
My blood is bruised and borrowed. You thieving bastards.
You have turned my blood cold and bitter,
Beat my compassion black and blue!

Hope this is what you wanted.
Hope this is what you had in mind.
’cause this is what you’re getting.

I hope you’re choking. I hope you choke on this.
I hope you’re choking. I hope you choke on thiiiiiiiiiiiis.

Taken all I can taken all I can, we can take. Taken all you can taken all you can, we can take.
Got nothing left to give to you.
Blood suckin parasitic little blood suckin parasitic little blood suckin parasitic little tick!
Take what you want and then go.
Hope this is what you wanted.
Hope this is what you had in mind.
’cause this is what you’re getting.


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Sounds of the Universe

Inspired by a fellow insomniac, boredom and Jaedi’s Explorer Task I’ve come up with a challenge, which I hope, will remind you or make you aware of one of the most, in my opinion, underestimated aspects of the game. The sounds, the ambience and music of the game. Once in a while when running around questing I will turn up the ambience and music, turn off whatever else I got running in the background, music, IM’s, whatever and just look around for a bit and find my self ten times as immersed in the game.

So here is what I want you to do. If possible get a pair of headphones, do as I do above and make sure you’ll only be hearing WoW-sounds and turn the sound quality up to full. Now I want you to pick three zones (or more if you’d like) either at random or pick and choose from your favourites (or your least favourites perhaps?), go there and write down and post your impressions, focusing mainly on sound, (feel free to use comments if you don’t have a blog)  from an RP-ish perspective where you imagine yourself walking through these zones.


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Unnatural Selection

Windsoar is celebrating six months of blogging by offering to serve as a muse for her readers. Here is my inspiration:

If you had to choose a single class to remain faithful to for the next 3-6 months, what would you choose? For the purpose of this question, this is a newly rolled character, not one that you are currently attached too ^^ In that scenario, how would you level (quests or dungeons) would you stop to smell the roses, or high-tail it to 80?

Wow, uhm. This is actually a question I’ve asked myself a few times. How would I approach the game if I had to start all over from scratch? I suspect Windsoar had a peek at my characters tab and figured I was an altoholic, intending for me to really have to twist my brain on this one.


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