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Unnatural Selection

Windsoar is celebrating six months of blogging by offering to serve as a muse for her readers. Here is my inspiration:

If you had to choose a single class to remain faithful to for the next 3-6 months, what would you choose? For the purpose of this question, this is a newly rolled character, not one that you are currently attached too ^^ In that scenario, how would you level (quests or dungeons) would you stop to smell the roses, or high-tail it to 80?

Wow, uhm. This is actually a question I’ve asked myself a few times. How would I approach the game if I had to start all over from scratch? I suspect Windsoar had a peek at my characters tab and figured I was an altoholic, intending for me to really have to twist my brain on this one.



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Oh Shamalama-Ding-Dong

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Partly due to RL being a bit busy and partly due to… WoW being too much fun, Single Abstract Noun has been too much fun to be more specific.

On Saturday Tamarind, with the help of the gnome Maximilian (whose main and blog escapes me, sorry!) hosted a guild event where we all created level 1 gnomes and marched to Ironforge to raise gnome awareness and demand gnomes get the rights they deserve! After handing our demands over to Magni, having to stuff them down his trousers since he refused to take it, we continued to the nearest tavern for something to drink. Apparently a few pints is a lot for a two foot gnome and it may have caused some nudity and the sort of indecent dancing gnomes are so famous for on the tavern’s bar and tables.


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